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Name:Julian Black
Birthdate:Jun 11
Location:United States of America

Interests (111):

a happy pig is a tasty pig, alchemy, alexandra david-neel, art, art history, bacon, beatrix kiddo, being an alpha female, biting the heads off chocolate buddhas, black cashmere turtlenecks, buying needlessly large houses, california disaster fiction, capslock as cruise control for cool, chaos magic, charcuterie, charles palliser, china mieville, city life, cognition, creating my own reality, cuddlerays, david mitchell, day trading, daydreaming about ninjas on the bus, don quixote, dorothea tanning, dzogchen, embroidery, emperor norton i, fandom is fucking funny, fandom wank, finding cool stuff in the trash, foie gras, george gissing, georgia o'keeffe, grey gardens, hans holbein, harry potter, hermeticism, iain banks, iain m. banks, if christian bale looked like a panda, interior decorating, inventing my own gender, isabella stewart gardner, j. k. rowling, james ellroy, james morrow, john fowles, leonor fini, leonora carrington, life without television, listening to the voices in my head, living alone and liking it, living in a dreamworld, lol overanalyzing harry potter, lola montez, making shitloads of money, manual transmissions, marinara ladysauce, men in skirts, michael connelly, mock mock mockety mock mock, natural fibers, neil gaiman, neo-victoriana (but never steampunk), never asking permission, never taking fandom seriously, oh john ringo no, overusing the em dash, owning too goddamned many books, painting, pema chodron, perception, pieter breughel the elder, power tools, pre-1978 rolling stones, project runway, quentin tarantino, raccoons and cats become a little bit boring, raymond chandler, refusing to grow up, remedios varo, san francisco, semicolons, serial commas, sewing, shit weasels from space, sir thomas moar, skinny men who read fat books, stephen king, still waiting for my hogwarts letter, stinky cheeses, susanna clarke, t. c. boyle, t. coraghessan boyle, the color orange, the deadly viper assassination squad, the quincunx, the ramones, there is cat hair on everything, they're just kids' books for fuck's sake, thrift store fur coats, top gear, trickster gods, ukuleles, volvo station wagons, watchmen, wizardry, writing, zen
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